Community members of the City of Paramount have spoken–they want to see a brewery come to town! Think your brewery is the right fit? The City invites you to come brew with us!

Why bring your brewery to the City of Paramount?

Prime Location

Close proximity to Los Angeles and Orange County

Facilities available from2,500 to well over 12,000 sq. ft.

Potential for outdoor beer gardens

Easy Start-Up

10-day turnaround for plan checks (and expediting possible)

Planning Department approval in 3-4 months

No requirements for Jenson Traps/grease traps

Free consultations with Planning/Building Departments

Great Water

Some of the best water offered in LA County

Simple effluent requirements

New water well operational in 2022

Downtown Tasting Room Potential

Regional Population of ~874,600 within 5 miles from Site and City population of nearly 54K

Downtown location with solid foot traffic

Located near many new restaurants


Small Business Assistance Available

$500k set aside for attraction of new businesses and retention of existing businesses

Business Startup Funding Request

Any assistance will be subject to review and approval by the City of Paramount and any terms and/or conditions imposed by the City. Such assistance may include, without limitation, the following:

  • Architect and engineering costs
  • Technical assistance with environmental efforts
  • Site development costs
  • Technical assistance with waste water disposal design
  • Building renovation costs
  • Tenant improvement costs

Submittal Requirements

  • Cover Letter: An introduction to who the team members are, outline key components in the Brewery proposal and interest in opening and operating a Brewery in Paramount.
  • Team Members: Describe each team member’s history (include resumes) and experience working together or working in relevant industries i.e. restaurant, brewing etc. Describe how the team will work together to develop, own, and operate the Brewery, (if more than one team member), identify who the lead contact will be (who the City may negotiate/contract with) and provide their complete contact information.
  • Business Plan: Provide an estimate of costs associated with development (T.I., new construction, equipment etc.), including financial capacity/strategy, short term and long term goals/vision including how they align with industry trends, expected cost/revenues from operations etc. Challenges associated with opening and sustainably operating a brewery and how they can be addressed.
  • Community Involvement: Describe how the Brewery plans to integrate and engage with the community and discuss how that plays a role in the brewery’s success.
  • Marketing: Describe the marketing plan – examples of how the business will be marketed to locals and surrounding communities, will it include participation in local, regional, and other events?

How to Apply

To submit your Business Startup Funding Request and/or request additional information, please contact Sol Bejarano at or call 562-220-2064.